How to choose the right screw lift model

In the selection of the screw lifter, many designers will choose the model based on the weight. However, in actual use, the screw lifter cannot choose the model based on this.
However, it is necessary to fully consider the load, lifting speed, effective stroke, use efficiency, drive source, actual working conditions of the equipment, use safety factor, etc. to choose.

First determine what the load of the elevator is,
This load capacity is not only the static load data, but also static load, dynamic load, and impact load are calculated.
The second is the lifting speed and speed ratio of the elevator,
You need to determine the travel speed required in the actual operating conditions of the equipment,
Then choose according to your specific situation.And if the speed is too slow to meet the requirements, a reducer is needed to reach the set speed.

The selected stroke height should leave a margin in the use stroke, and at the same time, fully consider whether the output screw lift has a protective tube or a dust-proof bellows,
The motion inertia of the screw shaft, various top output components, etc.

When the screw rod bears the axial compression load, please check the stability of it. For details, please refer to the stability check calculation. If it exceeds the critical load value, please mention the model before calculating.

The required input power of the load is compared with the maximum input power, and then a suitable driving source is selected.

There is to determine the external connection method of the elevator.Including the connection of the input shaft and the connection of the output part.
The input shaft should be determined whether it is a direct motor connection or a coupling or other connection, and the output part should be determined whether it is a flange, a nut, a fork pin, a flat pin hole or a ball or other non-standard head.
After that is the operating conditions of the elevator, see if the customer has special requirements, such as anti-corrosion environment, high temperature and high pressure environment, harsh outdoor conditions, etc.

In the end, a suitable model and configuration of an elevator that meets all these data is selected.

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