Shanghai Ever-Power tells you the calculation methods of commonly used parameters in reducers
The torque calculation formula of the reducer:   

Reducer torque = 9550 × motor power ÷ motor power input revolution × speed ratio × use efficiency (60%-96%) 

How to calculate the gear ratio of the reducer:

1. In a pair of gears, a gear with a small number of teeth is called a small gear, and a gear with a large number of teeth is called a large gear. When the number of teeth is the same, the drive

The moving gear is called the small gear, and the driven gear is called the big gear;

2. In a pair of external gears, the rotation is reversed for you, the small gear rotates to the right, and the large gear rotates to the left;

3. In a pair of internal gears, the two gears run in the same direction; 

4. In a pair of gears, the number of revolutions and the number of teeth are inversely proportional, and the number of revolutions of the small gear is more than that of the large gear.

The speed ratio is as follows: 

Gear ratioⅰ= Number of teeth of large gear/Number of teeth of small gear 

Worm gear: 

Gear ratioⅰ= Worm gear teeth/worm