├ ZCT lifting platform
ZCTelevator-Combination of synchronous lifting-Performance profile:
The screw lifter is suitable for high-speed, high-frequency and high-performance devices. The main components are precision ball screw pair and high-precision worm gear pair.The use of rolling friction improves the efficiency of the whole machine.Compared with the trapezoidal screw, the speed has been greatly improved, and it can run easily and at a high speed.The use of high-quality ball screws has increased the working life by more than 2 times.

                                                  Two sets of linkage

                                      Four H-type

                                                    Four T-shaped

1. Good rigidity, precise positioning, high synchronization, self-locking

2. Simple and compact structure, small size, light weight, wide power source
3. Low noise, easy installation, flexible use, multiple structures, high reliability, long service life, simple structure, easy maintenance, large transmission axial force, and low cost

4. Easy to install, save time and effort

Application range

The rack and pinion drive elevator can transport people and goods.It is mainly composed of tower, fence, engine compartment, driving device, control system, sectioning device, safety device and lifting system. 
Compared with simple elevators, rack-and-pinion-driven elevators have the characteristics of large height, fast erection speed, safety and reliability, and dual use of human and cargo. They are widely used in building construction, especially high-rise building construction. 

1 tower 
A pipe truss structure composed of several standard sections.In order to ensure the stability of the tower, the attachment rods are used to connect with the building once every certain height (about 10-15 meters).The tower section is equipped with racks and guide rails. 

2 Carriage and fence 
When the carriage descends into the fence, the door opens automatically, and when it rises, the door closes automatically.To ensure operational safety.The bottom of the fence is equipped with a spring buffer device.Avoid impact when the machine is on the ground to ensure a smooth shutdown.The cabin is a container for carrying people or goods, and the fence is a device for enclosing the cabin and the tower, and is located at the bottom of the tower.Mechanical-electrical interlocking for cabin door and fence door. 


3 drive device 

The section-adding device is located on the top of the cabin, and is a manual or motorized small boom crane.When the section is added, the carriage rises to a certain distance from the top of the tower, and the standard section to be added is hoisted to the top of the tower by a crane. After it is fixed in place, the sectioning process is completed.In order to ensure the safe operation of the elevator, it is equipped with a speed limit braking device, a travel limit switch, a door protection switch and so on.It is located in the engine compartment and consists of a motor, a reducer and a rack and pinion.The gear at the output shaft end of the reducer extends out of the engine compartment, meshes with the rack fixed on the tower, and moves the engine compartment up and down.There is a control system in the cabin, and the operator can also run randomly

-Combination of synchronous lifting-

★High-speed, high-frequency continuous operation of non-standard automation equipment
Controllable devices such as aerospace, national defense and military, astronomical telescopes, etc.
Lifting, clamping, displacement, turning devices on various machinery and assembly lines, and platform lifting devices for test instruments
Lifting device and solar power tracking device for photovoltaic industry
Execution mechanism on woodworking machinery and food machinery
Car lifts, flexible tooling and welding lifting devices in the vehicle manufacturing industry
Adjusting the interval of the rollers of the calender, the adjustment structure of the pipe or plate conveying position
Film thickness adjustment structure of plastic machinery and equipment
Installation of climbing ladders and tool lifting frames for maintenance, locomotive maintenance lifting platforms
Opening structure of high temperature furnace door
Adjusting height structure of plastic container blowing machine mould
Casting mold opening or coagulation modeling
For smelting, it is used to adjust motors and hot liquid casting
Lifting stage, swimming pool floor height adjustment and operating table height adjustment device
Water is used for the lifting and lowering of the gate and protection board of the reservoir
Scientific research is used for actions that cannot be adjusted manually